Vinyl Fence Installation in Carson

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Vinyl fencing is another choice for fencing your home. Vinyl fences add a particular elegance that you may be seeking for your home. They are an upgrade from you wood fence for several reasons.

One of the great reasons to choose a vinyl fence for your Folsom home is its so easy to clean. When you have minor dirt buildup on your fence, you simply need to rinse it off with your garden hose and maybe a light scrub with a broom.  Your vinyl fence will look sparkling clean.  Sometimes, a little heavier dirt buildup or light staining can be taken care of with a light duty pressure washer. This is just one reason vinyl fencing is a great choice for your residential fence project. 

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Design and Style

Several years ago, there were few choices for style and design of vinyl fencing. Not so, today. There are a number of styles, designs and color schemes to choose from when you install a vinyl fence.

Vinyl fences come in several heights, and color options.  Some of the common vinyl fence installations is a full wall privacy fence. This is most common when privacy is key and is most often used to enclose backyard living spaces. When you need to enclose your front yard, people often choose vinyl picket fences.  A vinyl picket fence helps maintain an open feel to your yard, while accenting the view of your home and also creating a safe enclosure for your children and pets. 

Eco-Friendly Option

Similar to composite fencing, vinyl fencing is a great eco-friendly choice.  Vinyl fencing will last many years beyond a wood fence, which means in the long run you will save money on your fence building projects.  This means, with a vinyl fence you are installing half the amount you would with a wood fence. This saves landfill space from the extra waste. The other benefit is it means fewer trees will be cut down. 


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